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Friday, March 1st

Registration Begins for 5th - 8th grade

About Us

What is Monona Grove Youth Football?

Monona Grove Youth Football is a non-profit youth organization sponsored by local groups and our annual Pocket Peeler fund-raiser. Program participants must be registered students in 7th or 8th grade attending schools in the Monona Grove School District to include Immaculate Heart of Mary. Exceptions may be granted on a limited basis.

How do we work?

We are a volunteer staff dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of football while promoting qualities such as self-control, commitment, leadership, teamwork and friendship.  We provide a recreational football experience while preparing students for Monona Grove High School Football. 

Practices & Games

Our practice field is located at Haukereid Field at Ahuska Park Monona.  Our home games are played Monday and Tuesday nights at Haukereid Field at Ahuska Park.  League scheduled away games will be either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights. We play a 7 game schedule with 50% of our games played on our opponent's field.

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Registration for players

We are a grade based program.  8th grade players at or about 100 pounds can elect to play on a 7th grade team.  In addition, there are weight restrictions for ball carriers and line positions for each grade.

Students will need football shoes, socks and colored mouth guard.  All other equipment will be provided.

The league requires a mandatory weigh-in the first day of practice. 

Each student must be present at this weigh-in to participate in the program.

Parent Volunteers


There are several parent volunteer positions available such as chain gang, field painting crew, field set up crew and concessions personnel.

Each team will need at least one Team Parent to communicate coach information such as practice and game schedule updates, bus detail or car pools for away games and fund raising support activities.

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Morrie Haukereid and Billy Smith started the program in 1969.  They had so many kids show up  that they had to cut kids.  The the following year the program expanded to 4 teams. Since that time the Monona PeeWees have been a 4 team league consisting of the Mustangs, Packers, Colts and Falcons. Players from that first team are still active today as coaches and officials. 

The teams play 6 games, and a play off game if needed in order to crown a Champion.

​Participants are asked to solicit for donations to the organization. This has allowed the program to only charge $5 in order to participate. That hasn't changed since 1969.


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